Hopefully, most of you are already familiar with the IEEE MOVE project. In short it is a Disaster Relief project that has been designed, maintained, and operated by IEEE volunteers for more than 5 years. You will find a lot more information at this site if you need it, https://move.ieeeusa.org/ .

One of the important services of this program has been emergency communications to support the Red Cross first responders and individuals impacted by the disaster. This year we are expanding these communications services through the establishment of an IEEE Amateur Radio Club. If you are already an amateur operator, you will be familiar with ham radio clubs. This IEEE program will follow the standard model fairly closely, with the one exception that we exist specifically to organize, and work in preparation for, emergency operations nets. Our plan is to develop efficient emergency communications methods through the expertise and efforts of IEEE volunteers.

Our radio club already has a core group of organizers, but we need more active hams to add to our knowledge base and creative ideas. Our club will have regular monthly meetings and scheduled controlled nets, to develop and hone our operating skills in preparation for future disasters. If you have an FCC Amateur Radio license of any level, or have been thinking about getting one, we hope you will join us and request to join our Collabratec IEEE MOVE Radio Club Workspace. We will be posting the meeting links there. You find about our upcoming meetings (and register for them) on vTools.


Butch Shadwell KV4YQ
First IMRC Chair